1. Copy the code below into a new document, save and upload it to the server as "GalleryName.php"

2. Upload a folder with the images for the Gallery into the /images folder on your server. Name each image what you want the title to be. For example: Yoda_Rules_The_School.jpg will appear as "Yoda Rules The School" on the site as the image title.

3. Create a new Wiki page where you will embed your gallery (NewPage then enter the name of the Gallery keeping in mind the TextFormattingRules.) When you see the NewPage editor click the link that says GalleryTemplate. OR if the Wiki page already exists cut and paste the following into it:

'' this is an invisible frame that loads your gallery. '''Remember''' you should change the 'height' perameter to whatever will make all the thumbnails visible on the page.''

Change the name of the html file referenced in the iframe tag to match the .php document you created in step 1. Click Save.

That's it.